Statement for UAE. Carriers and Network

1. Due to the particularity of UAE. network carriers, we have not cooperated with any carriers yet, and all the phones we sell are unlocked versions.

2. In hardware configurations, our phones support most network bands of most carriers. However, due to the carrier's access policy restrictions, there is a possibility that the network is not available, we recommend that you read the contents of this page carefully before your purchase.

3. For the carrier's policy restrictions, we provide the following methods to smoothly access the network:

(1). Please check whether the product supports your carrier's 2G, 3G & 4G networks before you buy, if it only supports 2G or 3G networks, we recommend that you consult customer service before buying.

(2). You need a phone and a SIM card that are already network activated.

(3). Before using the Ulefone phone, you need to activate your SIM card on other approved devices, such as making calls, connecting and using the network; and then, insert your SIM card into the Ulefone phone to use it after completing the activation.

(4). If it fail to work after inserting the SIM card into your Ulefone device, please check if your SIM card has been tied to a device (such as it is a contract phone, and still under contract), you can call the network carrier to untie the device and then follow Steps (3).

Special Instructions:

After reading the terms and conditions, you will be deemed to have understood the instructions and risks involved.

For products that are not available on carrier's network in the feedback: refund or replacement within 7 days from the invoice or delivery date (whichever is later).


This document was last updated on 15 March. 2022

Ulefone reserve the right to update this document at any time wit
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