Introducing the Ulefone Power Armor 13, Laser and 13,200 mAh


Ulefone has specialized in super-resistant mobiles with professional tools, such as the laser meter integrated in the Power Armor 13. A device with very special features that make it an all-terrain work tool

The Power Armor 13 is not a conventional mobile. Its rugged design and appearance make it clear that it is a mobile for unusual situations. Its size and weight confirm this character, almost half a kilo of weight and a 6.7-inch screen to work even with gloves.

Ulefone's Power Armor 13 adds a laser distance meter to a complete set of very useful tools for professionals

The star feature of the Armor 13 is its infrared laser system to accurately measure distances. A widely used tool in physical work environments that is now integrated by this mobile.

But as if this were not enough, this Ulefone probably becomes the mobile with the greatest autonomy on the market since it has a 13,200 mAh battery. We have not been wrong, more than 13,000 mAh that make it clear why it weighs almost half a kilo.

By the way, you can share the energy stored in your battery to recharge other gadgets as if it were a power bank.

Additionally, it has compatibility with another tool that, although it is not new, can be very useful. An endoscope/borescope which is simply an inspection camera placed on the end of a cable, so that it can fit into cracks and holes where it cannot be inspected otherwise.


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